Timing is everything: Community oven project & more to come

by piecurious

Good bread is a product of many things beyond quality ingredients. Environment.  A skillful eye and crafty hand.  A dash of luck. And timing.  Timing is everything.


Time can be your friend.  It can be on your side.  It can also be your enemy.  Time waits for no one.  Sometimes it seems you can control it.  You can take things fast or take things slow.  Kick it up a notch or drag it out.  Others, it can seem out of control.  Time flies or it stands still.  You can have an abundance of time.  Or not enough. You can spend it wisely, or waste it. You can be just in the nick of time or just out of time.


And sometimes… sometimes… you might find perfect timing.


Time has been on my side.  I’ve stumbled into a community that is inviting, open and exciting.  A community that couldn’t be more appropriate–with a wood-fired oven project known as KIPP, to which I’ve been donating much of my time.

In February there was a call for volunteers.  I heeded the call without expectations.  Leaving myself open and receptive.  There was a gathering of like-minded people.  New friendships were born and re-acquaintances were made.  One of the participants ended up being someone I had worked with at the bread bakery, over 300km east of here and over 6 months ago—someone who had taught me much of what (little) I know.  How’s that for timing?


Indeed, the time seemed ripe for a number of us and we grabbed the project by the reins, tumbling into it head first.  We’ve spent hours meeting, planning and trial baking for our upcoming Easter bake-off.  We’ve held workshops to teach interested members of the community about rolling bread.  We’ve been researching recipes, sourcing ingredients, soliciting donations and rallying volunteers eager enough to take on 75 baguettes and over 500 dinner rolls.

Living above the village pub has a way of ensuring that early evening gatherings spent planning can quickly turn into late nights chattering excitedly over pints about what seem like unattainable dreams.  And in small villages words travel fast.  Personal conversations become shared knowledge. No doubt in many cases this is not a desirable effect.  But in our case… People, places, dreams and desires have collided, and the subsequent explosions have been overwhelmingly positive.

I’ll have some very exciting news to report soon.

All in due time!