Creativity through chaos? Not for me.

by piecurious

My temporary makeshift office. A bare space on the periphery of the clutter and chaos.

I’m still in the throes of unpacking and re-nesting, struggling with the waxing and waning feelings of dislocation and disconnection, excitement and curiosity, that come with moving into a new space and a new place. I’ve learned fairly quickly what I already knew: my creativity does not thrive in chaos. The cookbooks and bread books that I longed for during our month-long separation are scattered throughout the apartment, but I cannot even conceive of breaching their covers yet. There are boxes to unpack. Nooks and crannies to scrub clean. Curtains to hang and walls to be painted. My sourdough starters are languishing in the fridge as my baguette pans gather dust, having yet to see the interior of an oven. But soon.

Normalcy will return. It has to.