Urgent Ambition: 10 Food-Related Goals for 2012

by piecurious

A month ago today, I packed my little ‘98 Corolla to the hilt, fought the cats into their respective carrying cases, and drove away from my quaint little apartment to begin life anew.  Again.


Life changes remarkably fast.  Within a matter of two weeks I went from living in my snug little apartment attached to the back of a century-old limestone house—an apartment that I had fallen in love with and even paid a month’s extra rent to lay claim to—to living out of a suitcase at my mother’s, 336 km away.  I’ve since experienced the frustration of struggling to find an apartment during off-season, or at least one that wasn’t characterized as a “bright and spacious” basement apartment (read: dingy, depressing and overpriced), as well as the unusual feeling of violation that came with a phone call alerting me to the fact that my old apartment, which still contains the majority of my stuff, was broken into and a handful of my personal belongings had been stolen.


…(and there are always buts if you wait for them), I’ve also experienced the elation and relief of finally finding the perfect apartment with a balcony overhanging the river running through a charming little village.  Not to mention the excitement of starting a new job that affords me continuous learning opportunities and an abundance of privilege (e.g. walking through an arboretum on my lunch hour), as well as the opportunity to explore a new city and develop a new community of acquaintances and friends.

Living out of a suitcase with the rest of my belongings 336 km away has also given me the opportunity to reflect on the direction I’d like to take in terms of my hobbies and personal development.  Really what I mean is that with each passing day I’ve grown considerably more anxious to establish a routine and dive seriously back into baking and writing.  I’ve developed an urgent ambitiousness, which I’ve been able to temporarily muffle with the writing of lists, one of which I wish to share with you here, as I will hope to share my journey pursuing the items contained within it on and through piecurious.  Until moving day…

My 10 Ambitious Food-Related Goals for 2012

  1. Bake a minimum of one loaf of bread per week, sourdough or otherwise
  2. Research and more fully explore the cultural and social dimensions of various types of bread
  3. Expand beyond a focus on bread & baking to include all of the marvellous things that accompany good bread, for example:
  4. Learn how to make cheese at home, beyond the typical homemade ‘ricotta’
  5. Learn more about meat curing and charcuterie
  6. Make more jams, chutneys, jellies and compotes
  7. Catch up on all of the wonderful food blogs I read, magazines I subscribe to, books on writing and food
  8. Get a community garden plot and grow my own summer produce
  9. Become more involved in the food writing and blogging community (make new friends!)
  10. Put my heart and soul into piecurious

Can’t wait.